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Echo Crunch and Late Night Holiday Folds

Beatrix Curran and Jacky Poloni

3 – 19 June 2016

invited by Handbag

photos by Flavio Palasciano

the folds of the side of the surface, both surface and surface other, are signed o same-wise as the nearby flatness.
sign affectation will SET OFF these schemes by ignoring them. as revelatory as a casual remark passed over too many opinions, an ignorant gesture surrecting.
so when I'm hunched down prepared, sit still, make remark, remake some terrible personcast infinitely over and over

THEN a wet tongue protrudes - unexpectedly from the side. it licks itself dry over a fast sheet and - (I thought there where two happenings; separate but jointed by a slick conductive rod; one escaping the le eye to enter the right almost immediately - act: to ring a doorbell and then diligently, subsequently, ring another) instead:
a drip snap and teeth biting down made shudder, shift and heave upwards, all doorbells at once, all shutters pulled, all folds wrenched

pause in ash silence, breaths crossed, hatched, lain low - symmetryfied, two molten metals
suspicious of understanding
being apprehension/capture too
becoming a possession play

you; living the martyrdom of your expectations, lapping up your own trickles in a half-smile open nod perhaps
attractivating blood. inversely, again, you've manipulated others to see this - conning them unmaliciously, deftly,
- sweetly - whereas in-between the sluices of your apparition, almost undetectable, in quasi-truth: is you-smoke,
you-grain, you- flame, quick passer-by licker