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Everyday Is A Lifetime

Raul Altosaar

24 June - 4 July 2016

invited by Tim Hartmann, Laurids Oder and Emmanuel Troy

photos by Flavio Palasciano

As we move and try to build worlds in strange cities things change very fast and meaning accumulates slowly. To construct something powerful out of the pain and dust takes a lifetime of faith and energy. Fortunately, every day is a lifetime and every day should be treated as such. A week is more than a lifetime. Whether a city is a motherboard or a living organism I hope that we can be more than just flat disembodied nodes on a network; complicated, compromised and not convoluted. There is a difference and a middle ground between sky and earth, between embodied life and knowledge, theory and practice. I have seen this middle ground with my own two eyes but far too rarely and only physically. A synthesis of sky and earth might be required and this will take a lifetime to accomplish. We all need to touch more earth. The truest truths, after all, are the simplest, and the body is the simplest truth. Right now, all I want to do is prove that I am alive and moving